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Audio Weaver




What is Audio Weaver™ ?

Audio Weaver is a product-development system that is, quite simply, the fastest way to add audio features to embedded products. The system is built around the AWE Core™, a dynamically-configurable audio-processing engine that's easily integrated into your production embedded software; and Audio Weaver Designer™, the companion graphical tool for prototyping, configuration, and tuning.   


AWE Core™

The AWE Core™ comes with over 400 audio building blocks for you to connect and tune, a simple integration model, and open APIs for 3rd party tuning tools and algorithms.  It's available as an embedded-library or Linux app, hand-optimized for all of today's most popular embedded processors.

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Audio Weaver Designer™

Audio Weaver Designer is an intuitive, PC-based graphical design tool that’s used to quickly prototype, refine, tune, and ultimately productize your audio experience. It features a drag and drop interface, real-time tuning and debugging tools, cycle-accurate profiling, and a custom module API.  

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Intro to Audio Weaver Designer™



Why are teams switching to Audio Weaver?

Every aspect of Audio Weaver was engineered to provide powerful, multi-level efficiency. Teams are using the system to deliver their creations to market over 5-times faster than with historical methodologies.


Individual Engineers, empowered by Audio Weaver Designer, can invent and integrate audio-features at unprecedented speeds. The ability to change signal-processing layouts in real-time (without recompiling or reflashing hardware) yields incredibly fast iteration times. 

System Architects can make fast, reliable, cost-saving decisions about processor selection. Audio Weaver's real-time-profiling capability eliminates the guess-work from performance estimation; and, because the Audio Weaver Runtime Core runs on wide variety of processors, your team is no longer shackled to the incumbent processor.  Design-in exactly the performance you need and not a penny more.

Engineering Organizations can operate with a frictionless technology-pipeline, because your research, advanced-development, and product-development teams all speak the same language. No design translation is required when designs are passed from research to product-development. An Audio Weaver signal-processing layout that runs on a researcher's Windows environment can be run directly on the prototype hardware and then the production embedded system.

Business Units no longer waste precious time and resources on non-differentiating engineering exercises. The AWE Core™ is available, in hand-optimized form, on most modern processors, allowing you to bypass time-consuming porting and optimization exercises.

Partnerships flourish, as 3rd-party IP can be demonstrated, evaluated and integrated with a few clicks of the mouse. By integrating the Audio Weaver Runtime Core into your embedded software, you open the door to turbo-charged collaboration.


Using Audio Weaver, a typical 16-month development for the Audio-path can be completed in under 3 months.




How much does it all cost?

The AWE Core™ is licensed on a per-unit royalty basis.  Any licensing of AWE Core™ also comes with one free seat of Audio Weaver Designer™ Standard Edition that's valid for one year.  Additional seats of Audio Weaver Designer™ are available for a yearly, per-seat subscription fee.  To inquire about pricing for your project and your team, please contact us below!

Please note that Audio Weaver Designer requires Microsoft™ Windows™. It appears that you are using a different operating system.

You may proceed with the download, however, you will be able to install the evaluation software only on a computer running MS Windows.