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From startups to multinational engineering divisions, teams of all sizes are competing in the race to deliver innovative, audio-enabled products. Whatever your team's capabilities, DSP Concepts' technologies and expertise will let you execute and deliver at a record-setting pace.


What's New at DSPC?

close November 29, 2016 - EE-Journal. this year you could swap in “Audio” for “MEMS” and be pretty much right on. Vesper, a maker of piezo mics, was in the Technology Showcase; DSP Concepts was also on site, and we had a discussion about their audio processing technology.
close November 16, 2016 -- SANTA CLARA, CA --DSP Concepts, Inc., a developer of embedded audio DSP solutions, today announced availability of its Far Field Microphone Array Prototyping Kit, targeted toward MEMS microphone vendors and IoT developers. The kit makes it easy ...
close -DSP Concepts, Inc., a developer of embedded audio DSP solutions, has announced multicore support for its Audio Weaver® modular programming software. Audio Weaver can now operate in heterogeneous SoC...
close Steve Taranovich - December 13, 2016 - I feel very strongly about smart technologies progressing to the point where human beings will be able to control the world around them virtually seamlessly. The major way that we communicate each day...